Privacy Policy

Effective date: April 12, 2020

This privacy policy is meant to clarify what information Jumpcut stores, why it is stored and how it is used.

Extension Permissions

When you first install the Jumpcut extension you are asked to grant the following permissions:

Cookies and User Data

Jumpcut does not use cookies or share your information with third-parties. Non-sensitive session information is stored locally until the next sign in, or it expires. This information can also be cleared from Chrome's settings.

Data stored Remotely

Data required for functionality (i.e., Jumpcuts rating history) is stored securely on Jumpcut's database. If the user chooses to create an account, the account details (i.e., display name and email) need to be stored as well. You may contact Jumpcut to remove your account and data at any time.
All requests to Jumpcut's servers are sent with secure, encrypted connections.

Non-identifiable information

Non-personally identifiable (anonymous) information regarding Jumpcut usage (i.e, irrelevant video time skipped with Jumpcut, counters of added cuts) is stored strictly to improve the general Jumpcut experience and provide metrics about the quality of Jumpcuts users tag.

YouTube References

Since Jumpcut utilizes YouTube and its API, users are bound by the YouTube Terms of Service. Users are encouraged to further review the YouTube ToS and Privacy policy here:

YouTube's Terms of Service can be accessed here.

Google's Privacy Policy can be accessed here.

Further Inquiry

If you have questions related to this privacy policy please contact us!